QEP 2018

FMU QEP 2018

The purpose of this site is twofold:  to provide access to documents related to the development of the university’s new QEP (Quality Enhancement Plan), which is an integral part of the SACS-COC reaffirmation process; and to provide a forum for members of the university community to discuss the emerging QEP among themselves and with members of the committee.

The site is organized in two sections.  The first contains links to documents generated by the committee; the second is a blog for faculty and staff to share ideas.

The Steering Committee is responsible for developing the QEP and for the content of this site.

The members of the committee are

Marie DeVincenzo, School of Business, Chair

Christopher Johnson, Department of English, Modern Languages, and Philosophy

Nina M. Russell, School of Health Sciences

Kim McCuiston, School of Education

Philip Fulmer, Physics

Christine Masters, English program, Professional Writing

Please address questions about the QEP and this site to Christopher Johnson (cjohnson@fmarion.edu)


Agenda from the September 12, 2016 Meeting

Minutes from the September 12, 2016 Meeting

Timeline for the submission of materials to SACS-COC

Agenda from the October 17, 2016 Meeting

Minutes from the October 17, 2016 Meeting

Draft of PLOS and SLOs

Documents from the October 17, 2016 Meeting

PEAK and the University Mission and Strategic Plan

SACS COC Timeline from February 2017

QEP Proposal from the February 2017 Meeting