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Snow Island Review Releases 26th Issue

By Anna Jackson, SIR editor

The FMU Literary and Art Journal, Snow Island Review, published and released its 26th volume on April 18th in the Lee Nursing Auditorium. Around 40 students, parents, and faculty came out to celebrate the release of the journal. The release party featured readings by the authors of their published works and a display of the artwork that was printed in the journal.

SIR poster

The official cover and poster for the 26th issue

The journal features poetry, short stories, photography, and visual artwork created by the students of Francis Marion University. The work published in the journal is selected for publication by a student panel of staff members and editors. After work is submitted, staff members read the works and then deliberate and vote on what they want to see in the journal. Works that receive majority vote are then accepted for publication.

This year’s issue represents exactly what the journal itself represents. In the preface to the journal, I say that the works contained within it are the unadulterated experiences, thoughts, and feelings of the students at FMU. I, along with many others, find writing as an escape. It is not always about love and heartbreak. It is not always about topics you are comfortable discussing, but it is life. Life does not have a censor; therefore, neither does writing. Snow Island Review allows all voices on all topics the chance to be heard, along with the chance to be a published author or artist. That is the message myself and the staff strived for with this year’s volume.

SIR Contributors

The contributors for the 26th issue gather in front of one of the images featured this year.

As Editor-in-Chief of Snow Island Review, I could not be more pleased with the work that was put into this year’s journal and the quality of work that we had the privilege to publish. The staff, especially my editorial team, came together and put in the extra work that was need for this publication to run smoothly. This year’s editorial staff included myself, Amber Griffith, Mason A. Jones, Corbin E. Witt, Christina Xan, Trey Brown, and Joshua Smith. The other staff members include Claudia Almazan, Amy Benton, Kim Boswell, Lucas Berry, Summer Rae Bradham, Zachary Bullard, Rebekah Davis, Aidan Humphrey, Kendria Mason, Jake Pack, Justin Scott, Nisheeka Simmons, Kyle Stewart, and Taylor Whisnant. Also, Dr. Mica Hilson served as the faculty advisor of the journal. I would like to thank each of these individuals along with the English Department for their continued support to Snow Island Review.

Hilson at podium

Dr. Mica Hilson, faculty adviser, introduces his students.


SIR accepts poetry, short stories, photography, and visual artwork.

We are always looking to expand on staff members; there are no requirements other than showing up and participating. Also, we will begin working on next year’s journal in the fall and will be taking submissions of any kind to consider for the next issue of the journal. For more information or to ask any questions, you can contact the staff at

Editorial Team

The Editorial Team for Issue #26. Join this talented group in the fall by emailing the staff at the address above.

Frosted or Glazed?

On March 22, the English Department’s Pastries with Profs event once again enticed students with coffee, juice, and sugary goodness while promoting Summer and Fall courses. English major Christina Xan grabbed some photos in between bites:

Good food, good people

(Be an English major. We have pastries) Continue reading

Pastries with Professors Is Coming Up!

It’s back! Our biannual “Pastries with the Professors” event.

A special invitation for those interested in majoring or minoring in English or a Modern Language… or for anyone who wants to know more about these programs, classes, and faculty.

Every semester, the English faculty open the doors to the Faculty Lounge and invite students in for some sweet treats, coffee, juice, and conversation.  This semester, faculty from Modern Languages will be part of the fun.

Look at all the sweet treats waiting for you!

This smorgasbord greeted nearly 100 students at the spring Pastries With Professors event.

You’re invited!  Stop by for a snack and learn more about classes that will be offered by the English and Modern Languages Department.  You can find descriptions of classes, recommendations for what to take next, and donuts.


Bring questions! Bring your friends! Bring an appetite!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015
9:00 am – 11:00 am
Founders Hall 105 (Faculty Lounge)

Pastries with the Profs Event Mar. 23

It’s back! Our biannual “Pastries with the Professors” event.

Are you an English major or minor? Are you considering a major or minor in English?

Nosh on pastries and juice.  Meet the Professors. Get information on classes offered by the English Department next semester. Learn about  the programs of study you can pursue: Liberal Arts, English Education, and Professional Writing.

Monday, March 23, 2015
9:00 am – 11:00 am
Founders Hall 105 (Faculty Lounge)

FMU to Host a Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon

FMU will host a Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon on March 11 from 12-5 PM in the Rogers Library. The event is part of FMU’s “G-Week” or “Gender Week,” which is aimed at getting the campus thinking (and talking) productively about gender and sexuality–in all their expressions.

Wikipedia Logo

The goal of the edit-a-thon is to increase the presence and participation of women and GLBTQ on Wikipedia, one of the world’s most visited websites.

Attendees will write, edit, index, and/or add references to Wikipedia articles about issues associated with women and GLBTQ, especially those related to South Carolina and racial and ethnic minorities.

The edit-a-thon is open the FMU community; no prior Wikipedia writing or editing experience is necessary to participate. However, attendees must register for the event and get a Wikipedia account in advance.

Wikipedia’s lack of diversity is well-documented. Women make up only 8-16% of Wikipedia contributors to the site according to various estimates. Some have argued that this gender gap creates a coverage gap on the site: entries tend to focus on men or stereotypically masculine topics. Wikipedia’s race- and sexuality-gaps are even more pronounced than its gender gap.

Wikipedia’s gender gap is improving. A recent study has shown that the English-language Wikipedia has roughly the same number of entries about women as it does about men. The entries about women, though, tend to focus more on their family, children (or lack thereof), and relationship status.

The FMU edit-a-thon is part of a larger, international effort that Wikipedia itself supports. Subjects on the site should be represented accurately, objectively, and evenly. As professors Sarah Adams (Yale) and Hannah Brückner (NYU of Abu Dhabi) explain, given the sheer volume of traffic to the site, Wikipedia is perhaps the “most important reference tool and information clearinghouse” in the world. Moreover, Adams and Brückner point out that “[Wikipedia] is widely used in American and other countries’ secondary schools and universities. It is an important go-to site for many students who are trying to learn about topics that are new to them.”

FMU English Studies professors are well aware that students of all ages consult Wikipedia when completing research projects. Composition classes like English 200 often ask students to compose a research-based, argumentative essay. During these assignments, professors help students evaluate the objectivity and credibility of sources. Wikipedia often does not qualify as an appropriate source for many types of college-level academic writing, including English 200 essays. However, many professors teaching college composition endorse consulting Wikipedia during the initial research stage. During this part of the process, the researcher seeks a broad overview of his subject as well as keywords that relate to it. She then uses this information to conduct more targeted, informed research using library-based resources, such as peer-reviewed journal articles and books.

Ultimately, increasing the presence and participation of women and GLBTQ on Wikipedia will create a more objective, complete resource that is popular the world over. Adams and Brückner say it best: “Knowledge is power, as the adage has it, and a well-informed citizenry is the basis of a vibrant economy and strong democracy.”

If you’re in the FMU community and have questions about the event, email co-organizers Dr. Mica Hilson and Dr. Amy Rubens of FMU English Studies or public services librarian Ms. Tammy Ivins, MSLS.

Note: The organizers are indebted to the pioneering work of scholar and prolific Wikipedian Dr. Adrianne Wadewitz. Dr. Wadewitz passed away following a rock climbing accident last year. Learn more about Dr. Wadewtiz and her work with Wikipedia, especially on college campuses.